Master Young Jin Lee

Master Lee

H.T.A. Martial Arts Academy and the H.T.M.'s (Hallelujah Tae Kwon Do Mission) uniqueness
in attributions is currently influenced by Master Young Jin Lee, 6th Degree Black Belt, Korea Military Cup Champion, and President of H.T.A.

Master Lee Breaking

He has sparring champion status and his internationally certified training through the Kukkiwon consists of more than 25 years experience. As a missionary and a Master of Tae Kwon Do, Master Young Jin Lee came to the U.S. with his wife and daughter in 2003 from Korea. He felt compelled to open the first H.T.A. Martial Arts Academy in Cahokia, IL. His vision of bringing family and community together, helping others find great abilities within themselves, and creating solid foundations in the lives of many children as well as adults so they may have the opportunity to create a successful future began to evolve. Through hard work, strong friendships and great faith in believing "nothing is impossible" his school grew rapidly cultivating an increasing number of Black Belts.

Master Lee

H.T.A. instructors are all Black Belts from his first school and are continuously training hard under his influence. He pays extremely close attention to detail and good manners, which are
a must. He believes it is not enough to just have good kicking and good technique but a good mind is of the utmost importance. Master Young Jin Lee's life's work achievements also
include missionary work in the Rainbow Orphanage, ministering to the mountain people of the Philippines, and completion of the Master Divinity Course.

  • 1990 Japan Demo Tour
  • 1991 Member of the Korean Hallelujah Demonstration Team
  • 1992 Member of the Barcelona Olympic International Demo Team
  • 1995 Silver medallist at the Korean Military Cup Championship
  • 1996 Gold medallist at the Korean Military Cup Championship
  • 1997 Missionary in the Philippines
  • First Tae Kwon Do Team Coach at Silliman University
  • 2002 Graduated Silliman University with Major in Sociology
  • 2004 September became Korean Hallelujah Demonstration Team coach and toured Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, California
  • 2005 Came to the U.S. and opened the first H.T.A. school in Cahokia, IL
  • 2006 October - Founded the First U.S. Hallelujah Demonstration Team
  • 2007 August - Opened another H.T.A. school in Collinsville, IL
  • 2008 March - Opened another H.T.A. school in Belleville, IL
  • 2008 Graduated Midwest University with Master Divinity
  • Current - Director of the Missouri Korean Tae Kwon Do Association

Hallelujah Tae Kwon Do Academy

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