Children's Program

At HTA Martial Arts Academy, our children's programs are second to none! We teach our students using a basic philosophy of positive reinforcement to build self-esteem, confidence, discipline, positive attitude and values.


At HTA Martial Arts Academy, we realize that although the ability to defend ourselves is important, there are many additional benefits to a martial arts program.

Our unique method of training is fun and is designed to:

  • Instill a positive attitude
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Teach the importance of strong values and good character
  • Promote the desire to learn
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve effort and motivation
  • Teach self-discipline
  • Promote Teamwork
  • Instill RESPECT for themselves and others

By embodying these principles in our children's classes, the HTA Martial Arts Academy team has made a strong commitment to today's youth. Our carefully designed programs for children of all ages will improve your child's performance in other sports as well as improving study habits and increasing overall concentration.

Through building self-confidence, self-respect, and self-discipline, we are helping young people to deal with the many problems they face growing up in today's world, including drugs, peer pressure, bullies and gangs.

Children are given a list of HOME RULES to follow and they are graded in this category during their belt testing along with their training at the academy.

The Child and Tae Kwon Do

How Can Your Child Benefit From Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do is a Total Learning Activity. Lessons are tailored to your child's age and skill level. Your child begins by practicing basic patterns and forms, board breaking, kicking, blocking, striking, and punching.

These Fundamental Skills increase your child's physical coordination, flexibility, balance, and mental acumen. Tae Kwon Do develops your child's athletic abilities and self-awareness, and improves the child's capabilities in self-defense.

Self-Discipline and Self-Esteem for your Child

Tae Kwon Do emphasizes moral development as well. Children learn respect for themselves and others, heightened concentration, and increased self-discipline and self-restraint.

The self-discipline that develops as a result of learning and practicing the techniques usually carries over into other areas of the child's life. School grades usually improve as your child learns to focus on objectives and to work toward achievement. The self-discipline and self-respect, which tae kwon do develops, can provide your child with the skills and mind set necessary to resist peer pressure.

"Train the mind as well as the body"

(Reprinted from AMERICAN HEALTH MAGAZINE) Many parents are enrolling kids in Martial-Arts classes hoping they will learn discipline and self-defense and get a healthy workout. But a new study suggests Western methods for teaching martial arts may make kids more aggressive than savvy. Reason? Many courses ignore the ancient philosophy and just teach body moves.

At Texas A&M University, Dr. Michael Trulson divided 34 teens prone to delinquency (as determined by psychological tests) into three groups.

For six months, group A spent one hour, three times a week learning "THE ANCIENT KOREAN MARTIAL ART, TAE KWON DO. Along with self-defense, it emphasizes setting goals in life, respect for others, honesty, humility, responsibility, and honor. Group B spent the time learning a short-cut modern version of Tae Kwon Do (no philosophy), while Group C got no training at all.

No change in Group C, but the kids in the two martial-arts groups responded in radically different ways.

The kids in Group B (body only) got worse and their aggression shot way up!

Those in Group A, who got the version emphasizing body and mind, got all of the benefits: less anxiety, higher self-esteem, improved social skills, stronger values and best of all, below average levels of aggression.

So.... advice to parents: If you enroll kids in a martial-arts class, stick to tradition. Training the body without the mind may be a path to trouble!

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